Promo Code

 Something very strange happened.

She wanted to buy a sport bottle for next week climbing exercise, but after she added the favorite one to the cart, she just couldn't pay for it. 

Something wrong. She switched from the computer to her mobile phone, and did the same purchase in the App. But she still failed.

I just want that pink color bottle, it is going to be out of stock. But I just can't pay. I don't understand why. Never happened before.  It should be simple, just buying an bottle, why should it be so difficult?

She complaint in the chat box to the service team of the online shop.

Maybe you might use a promo code which had been outdated. 

After asked for some detailed infos, the service staff send some words.

OK. I will check it. 

She deleted the promo code she had input in the forms.

Yes, now it works. But I really want that promo code to cut part of my cost. Why I can't use this? Out dated?

She felt that she then not wanted to buy that bottle. A little depressed.