Does Taobao / TMall have coupons?

Shopping vouchers are effective ways for many businesses to promote sales. Traditional physical stores use paper coupons, some of which are one piece for one, and some of which are large pages that can be split into small coupons.

Coupon is to help get discount

Online coupons, using electronic and digital ways, are stored in the user's account. The amount, discount rate, description and use process of the coupon are automatically carried out in the electronic system. Compared with paper-based coupons, e-coupons are more convenient. Now more basic businesses will go online, especially after the year of the epidemic in 2020. To do business on the Internet, of course, we use online marketing ways, so electronic digital coupons are indispensable.

In fact, platforms like Taobao have always had a coupon mechanism. Ma Yun's Alibaba has been attaching great importance to marketing from the beginning. There is an affiliate mechanism called Taobao Alliance, which belongs to the Alimama project. It is to attract many individual salesmen to forward the discount link URL of Taobao merchants, so that more people can see the discount coupon and thus promote the sales of the platform.

Therefore, there are some coupons in Taobao. If there are coupons in the account when shopping, it's very cost-effective to use them directly.

How to find Taobo / Tmall coupons ?

Taobao affiliates share shopping links and get commission from qualified sales, so they are generally very active in sharing these shopping discount links. If you have such  friends around you, maybe you can get these coupons from them. 

Some individuals or groups that specialize in this kind of sharing will take a step, gather these links and put them into an app for others to use. In this way, you can find this app, and you can also find Taobao's shopping coupon and discount coupon from it. However,you need to make sure the security of the app must be guaranteed.

How to use these Taobo Affiliate coupons

It's very simple to use, that is, when shopping, when paying, you can choose the corresponding shopping voucher. What's important is that the general shopping voucher corresponds to a certain commodity, so if you buy another commodity, you may not be able to use that voucher. This needs to be differentiated. Of course, some of the coupons are for the whole store, which have an effect on all the products that are discounted. It's better to ask the customer service of the Taobao shop. They can tell you whether this coupon can be used for a certain product or not. Also note that coupons have an expiration date, after which the system will automatically not let you use them.